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    Greatness of Shiva
    During the churning of the Milky Ocean by the Devas and Asuras, the serpent Vasuki began to emit large amounts of the dreded Kalakuta( poison), which was suffocating both. Listening to their mercy please, Lord Shiva  drank the entire poison, due to which his throat had turned blue from....
    Navagraha Shanti Mantras
    शुभ अशुभ कर्मों के अनुसार ग्रहों का भी मनुष्‍य के जीवन पर प्रभाव पड़ता है. अशुभ ग्रहों का प्रभाव दूर कर शुभ ग्रहों को अनुकूल बनाने के लिए ग्रहों के मंत्र, प्रार्थना तथा उनसे संबंधित णमोकार मंत्र एवं तीर्थंकर का जाप बताया गया है. जिस ग्रह का जाप किया जाये, उसी ग्रह के अनुकूल रंग के....
    Vedic Astrology
    Vedic Astrology is the astrology of India. It is said to have been intuitively perceived thousands of years ago by the same ancient mystics who developed the various techniques of meditation and yoga for which India is so well known. It is called "Jyotish", which means "the light", because it is....
    Worship Puja – usually refers to ritual worship of the murti Bhajan – adoration; indicates worship with love. Often refers to devotional singing or the hymns themselves Seva – indicates service (and the appropriate mood of worship) Yajna – sacrifice (an important....
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