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  • Surya Puja & Jaap - Saptami
    Surya Puja & Jaap - Saptami admin
    admin on Wednesday, August 26, 2020
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    Tithi information

    One of the good days for Surya Puja / Dhyan is Shukla Paksh Saptami tithi

    SURYA ARGHYA (offering Water) (Strongly recommended)

    Lota JAL

    plus you can also offer Surya Jal on behalf of your Kids, Wife or Husband too – 1 or 4 Lota each for them.

    MANTRAS – can choose any 1 mantra

    . Om Suryaye Namah

    . Om Hram Hrim Hraum Sah Suryaye Namah

    . Om Grahni Suryaye Namah

    . If you have any other Shloka or Mantra , you can use that but make sure the pronunciation is correct. Please note Naam Mantras and Bheej mantras are as strong as any other mantras.


    1. If you want to keep it simple, Just offer lota full of water OR Water with red flower OR Water with red sindur.

    2. Pour water in a area where no one walks or in a clean place.


    Extremely important

    Also training your kids to do this at least every Sundays OR even during the weekdays where possible.



    Provides Life's divine energy

    Surya Dosh or Pitra Dosh in your chart is controlled

    Kids doing this from young age will get negativity neutralize as they grow older.

    This neutralizes the Grah effects In your chart (when the effects of Doshas are mild and you are not eating or drinking any Tamas food)

    Extra energy is always needed to control disease in the body.



    Do Mantra jaaps -108 times during the time mentioned above

    Can also do once a year Surya Puja with a brahmin

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